Abrasive Wheels

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Abrasive Wheels (NPORS, BTS Certification)

BTS deliver training on all types of Abrasive Wheels, and include Cutting & Grinding, Truing & Dressing, Buffing and various other disc types. To find out more details on specific Abrasive Wheels training for the types you use, please contact us.

We can offer this training under our own Safety Awareness or NPORS accredited.

The duration will vary depending on the delegates’ experience, and type of certification required.

Course Overview
Safety Awareness Session Covering: 1.Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels (Noise-
Dust-Eyes-Vibration-Sparks). 2. Marking of Abrasive Wheels. 3. Storage, Handling, Transporting,
Inspecting and Testing of abrasive wheels. 4. The function of all Main Components (Flanges,
Washers, Brushes and Nuts). 5. Dressing & Balancing Wheels (Bench Machines). 6. Rest adjustment
(Bench Machines) 7. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Pre-start Checks: (Electrically Powered) Off Hand Grinding/Cut-off Machine: Wiring, Plug, Guards,
Spindle Speed Marked on Machine, Grinding Wheel undamaged and Correct Type, Correct Eye
Protection Available, Tool Rest as Close as Practicable to Grinding Face, Area Free from Debris.

Pre-start Checks: (Electrically Powered) Hand Held Grinding/Cutting-off Machine: Wiring, Plug
Guards, Spindle Speed Marked on Machine, Grinding Wheel Undamaged and Correct Type, Wheel
Not Fitted too Tightly, Correct Eye Protection Worn.

Pre-start Checks: (Petrol Driven) Cutting off Machine: Drive Belt Tension, Guard (free from Abrasive
Particles and Dust), flange Wear/Distortion, Fuel Mixture (Stored in Suitable Container), Spindle
Speed Marked on Machine, Wheel not fitted too tightly.

Inspected Wheels/Discs before use: Cracks, Damage, Blotters, Speed, Size, Correct Type for the job.

Correctly changed a Grinding Wheel/Disc

Correctly dressed a Grinding Wheel – Bench Mounted Machines Only

The above is a rough outline of the contents covered, please note that the training delivered may alter depending on the requirements of the delegates and the facilities provided.

Who should attend
Those who are required to use Abrasive Wheels.

Assessment of Training
• Multiple-choice questions at the end of the theory as well as practical test (where applicable)

Pre training requirements
Depending on the type of certification chosen, delegates may have to provide proof of their previous training.

Operators who successfully pass the course will receive either an NPORS or BTS Certificate & ID card.

Course Dates
Courses are usually scheduled when requested, but we do run open courses on occasion. To find our more or to make a booking, please contact us.

Training Location
We deliver the course at both of our offices, Barry & Baglan, Port Talbot. We are also licensed to deliver the training at customers’ sites & have travelled around the United Kingdom & Europe to deliver this training.

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How to Book
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