CAT & Genny (Cable Avoidance Tool) Training​

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CAT & Genny (Cable Avoidance Tool) Training

BTS deliver training on all types of CAT & Genny machines, please contact us if you require training on your own machine, with the make / model so we can confirm exact ratios / duration.

We can offer this training under our own Safety Awareness or arrange NPORS accredited training, if required.

1 day

Course Overview

• P.P.E Safety wear to carry out the job i.e. boots, goggles, any special equipment for
the area (R.P.E) hearing protection may affect efficiency.

• Safety zone Exclude other traffic work from area. Signs.
Other emitting devices operating e.g. Bt doing work.

• Individual Genny transmission not to be used by people with pacemakers or near
detonation devices.

• Set up area look at site plans for cable ducts, fire mains. Agree on what you are looking

• Go through settings on C.A.T. Always stressing the importance of full charge on battery

• Setting power
o 1: look for E.M.F. of power cable. The more power better the signal i.e. 440 better than 110 v
o 2: look for radio signal
o 3: look for signal sent by Genny (show how to connect) some Gennys can metal detect by themselves. To use any setting open sensitivity to wide, then narrow down to find exact position (from shotgun effect down to laser).

• Walk pattern How to search area

• Marking Cross check by marking position of signal

• Shadow signals Secondary hazards, next to or underneath primary.

Who should attend
You should attend this training if you need to use a CAT & Genny to detect underground cables / services;
The CAT is used to locate underground cables / services on groundworks, excavation and construction sites. The CAT detects these cables so they can be avoided. If you were to damage a cable or any other type of buried service during an excavation, you are increasing the chances of an accident. This may result in injury or delays in work which can increase costs.

Assessment of Training
• Multiple-choice questions at the end of the theory as well as practical test.

Pre training requirements
Depending on the type of certification chosen, delegates may have to provide proof of their previous training.

Operators who successfully pass the course will receive either an NPORS or BTS Certificate & ID card.

Course Dates
Courses are usually scheduled when requested. To find our more or to make a booking, please contact us.

Training Location
We deliver the course at both of our offices, Barry & Baglan, Port Talbot. We are also licensed to deliver the training at customers’ sites & have travelled around the United Kingdom & Europe to deliver this training.

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How to Book
If you would like to book a place on one of the above courses and you meet the required criteria you can Contact Us through the number at the top of the page, fill in the enquiry form on this page:

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